New Horizons gives back

Students, staff and parents of New Horizons High School need to give themselves a huge pat on the back. Though Christmas is traditionally the season for giving, New Horizons High School has been giving long before December rolled around.

In September, a programme called Coins for Care was launched at the school’s first HSA meeting. The fund, the brainchild of Senior Tutor Janet Harris, was a fundraiser for victims of Hurricane Dean in Jamaica and Nicaragua. The target – a whopping $1,000 dollars by the end of term on 14 December. The students surpassed the target long before the intended deadline and donations were made to Elaine Harris, Vice-Consul of the Jamaica Consular Office and Grenda Solomon of the Nicaragua Hurricane Relief Organisation.

In addition, a presentation of baby items was made to the Red Cross’ Hemant Balgoblin to assist victims in the Dominican Republic following the passage of Tropical Storm Noel.

Earlier, during the month of October, the school collected and contributed a total of $300 to the Lions Club of Tropical Gardens Breast Cancer Awareness fund. The HSA also sponsored 10 teachers to take part in the Brenda Lund Breast Cancer Awareness walk.

The National Council of Volunteer Organisations was not to be left out as it, too, received $200 from HSA president Carson Ebanks on behalf of the school during their recent telethon.