Ground broken on multi-purpose youth hall

The vision of a Multi-purpose Youth Hall has finally come to fruition for the Frank Sound Church of God.

On Sunday, members of the congregation broke ground on the church site in front of invited guests.

After an opening prayer by Latoya Francis, Pastor William Peguero shared the outlook, future, aims and even some setbacks that the multi-purpose hall had encountered.

The Multi-purpose Youth Hall aims to offer an after-school programme to minister to youths as well as train them to hold their own church services, youth programmes and other functions.

‘At the present time we only have resources for the construction of the foundation but we know God will provide so that the hall will be a blessing to the community,’ said Pastor Peguero.

‘We are fortune to have 16 acres of land nearby and the plan is to incorporate the existing church building into one big facility for the youths. The new Frank Sound Church will be located further down the road.’

Pastor Peguero said Hurricane Ivan in 2004 caused setbacks, including an expired permit because of the wait but, ‘Praise the Lord plans were approved December last year and we are ready to go forward. This is indeed a celebration Sunday for us all.’

Church of God general assembly chairman Orren Merren also offered his congratulations and praise on the accomplishments of church members and all those who had pitched in to make the vision come through.

Alfonso Wright, MLA for George Town, offered his remarks on behalf of the Ministry for Youth.

He said it was an accomplishment worthy of celebration that a youth hall was being constructed in the district. He also spoke of the many influences that youths in the society are exposed to and the much-needed facility will strengthen the community and its youths. Mr. Wright said he hoped others were inspired to do the same because of the many challenges facing youths today.

After the brief remarks, ground for the multi-purpose hall was broken by Ellen Peguero and members of the youth department.