Sign up for Stride Against Cancer

Now is the time to sign-up for the Cayman Islands Cancer Society’s annual Stride Against Cancer walk/run to take place on Sunday, 27 January.

The event is one of the biggest fundraising events in the Society’s calendar and all of the proceeds benefit cancer patients and their families with treatment related expenses.

During 2007, the Society assisted more than 10 people with over $100,000 worth of expenses and according to Chief Operating Officer Christine Sanders events such as Stride Against Cancer, help to raise the necessary funds.

The Stride event is now one of the most anticipated not only on the athletic calendar but also on the community calendar with people from all cross-sections of the community, family members of all ages and friends, coming out to participate.

It is a great event for socialization and according to Dr. Yin, Medical Director of the Society, a fun way for people to engage in their new year’s get fit and/or lose weight resolution.

The event is non-competitive and people can walk or run any part of the 13.1 mile course. This gives the opportunity for persons who may be less fit or recovering from a cancer diagnosis the chance to participate.

There are two recommended start times – 6am for those doing the long course distances beyond 6.5 miles and 7am for persons doing the short course, distances of 6.5 miles or less.

The event starts and ends at the Public Beach and the course while on the road, parallels the shoreline.

Registration is $25 and is happening at various locations around Grand Cayman.

Companies registering more than 10 people before Wednesday, 23 January, can arrange to have on-site registration.

To help runners and walkers on their way, there will be aid stations approximately every mile along the course and participants are encouraged to take advantage of these stations.

For more information, please contact the Cancer Society at 949-7618 or email [email protected]. You may also visit our website

Where to register


9am – 4:30pm CICS Office


11:30am – 2pm ICOA Café AND Fort Street Marketplace


11:30am – 2pm Fort Street Marketplace

4pm – 8pm Hurley’s


11:30am – 2pm Fosters Food Fair Airport

4pm – 8pm Fosters Food Fair Strand


11:30am – 2pm Fort Street Marketplace

4pm – 8pm Sunset House (January 25th only)


10am – 4pm Fosters Food Fair Airport and Savannah; Kirk Supermarket, Hurleys, Cost-U-Less (January 19th only), Fosters Food Fair Strand (January 26th only), CICS Office (January 26th only)