Airline made trip miserable

I would like to commend the work of American Airlines and congratulate it on the superior service offered to me on a recent visit to Grand Cayman from London.

Not only did American Airlines misplace my bag in Miami but it then went the extra mile by refusing to take responsibility or let Cayman Airways bring in the bag for me – despite 11 different requests to do so.

I spent a lovely couple of days in Cayman, wearing the clothes I arrived in or what I could borrow from my friends here, going to Owen Roberts Airport twice daily to check on the progress of my bag.

Needless to say the amount of progress was zero. Coincidentally enough, the same as the amount of help I got from the American Airlines people in Cayman.

They suggested if I was flying home through Miami I should just pick my bag up then, which is what I had to do a full week after my bag first went missing. Now that’s what I call customer service!

When I got back to London I called the American Airlines baggage department and told the nice lady that I would like to speak to somebody about making a complaint and possible compensation.

I was informed that they don’t actually have a complaints department so I would have to write a letter to an address posted on their website.

Instead I decided to write this letter to the Caymanian Compass and warn the people coming to or from Cayman on American Airlines flights to pack an extra couple of changes of clothes in their carry-on luggage.

Otherwise you’ll be taking home bad memories and photographs of yourself hugging stingrays at the Sandbar in a pair of jeans like me.

Keep up the good work AA!

Dane Lloyd