NDC celebrates 10 years

The National Drug Council will commemorate 10 years of operation 31 January with a reception at Government House.

‘None of the work of the NDC over the past 10 years could have been carried out without support received from volunteers, sponsors and various agencies and the anniversary reception is therefore both a commemoration and a way of showing our appreciation,’ said NDC Executive Director Joan West-Dacres. ‘We thank His Excellency the Governor for agreeing to host this event’.

Set up under the National Drug Council Law 1997, the NDC replaced the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, which was established in 1988, to assess the local drug abuse situation and make recommendations for action.

The NDC’s primary function is to regulate and coordinate local anti-drug efforts, including the Cayman Islands National Strategic Plan for Drug Abuse Prevention and Rehabilitation.

Its focus is on improving interaction between all Government and non-governmental agencies dealing with the issue of substance abuse.

These include efforts aimed at rehabilitation, drug supply control, law reform, public education, training, and data collection. Financed through grants from Government, the NDC is also eligible as a non-profit organisation to receive gifts, grants, and endowments.

Over the past 10 years the National Drug Council has spearheaded a number of initiatives with the continued support of its stakeholder and partner agencies; these include:

• Cayman Islands Student Drug Use Survey

• Workplace Drug Survey

• Contribution to the Tobacco Legislation

• Review of legislation

• Prevention campaigns

• Presentations to schools, parents and community groups,

• Pilot programmes

• Drug Awareness Month

• Fearless Factor Camp

• Education Seminars at the prisons

The National Drug Council is seen as the keystone in the successful implementation of the National Strategic Plan.

This is accomplished through representation, of the key stakeholder agencies for drug abuse prevention involved with substance abuse issues, on its board of directors.

The NDC also keeps the plan implementation under review, submitting an annual report with audited financial statements to the minister responsible, who in turn tables the report in the Legislative Assembly. In this way the Legislative Assembly and public are kept aware of the progress made in carrying out its functions under the National Drug Council Law.

The NDC consists of a board of directors, and an office support team, and Mrs. West-Dacres says she looks forward to the continued support and efforts of all who have contributed to their success and to building partnerships, as the NDC continues to strengthen its functions.

For more information on the National Drug Council, contact the NDC at Tel. 949-9000, Fax. 949-6264 or e-mail: [email protected]