Students off to Mexican riviera

Students studying Spanish at St. Ignatius Catholic School are heading to the Mexican riviera Saturday for a seven-day cruise aboard Royal Caribbean’s Vision of the Seas.

The educational trip is designed to give students a first-hand experience learning about the Mexican people and their culture as well as an opportunity to practice Spanish in a real-life setting, said a press release from the school.

In addition to numerous field trips and excursions in Mexico, the students will be given tasks to accomplish while they are on the cruise. Ms. De Mercado, Head of Spanish at St. Ignatius, will be hosting workshops aboard the ship.

Ms. De Mercado said that the goal of the trip is to sharpen listening and speaking skills and ultimately help the students to succeed in their upcoming GSCE and Advanced Level Spanish Examinations.

The cruise runs from 2-11 February. Departing from Los Angeles, the ports of call in Mexico include Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta.

‘The Spanish department has worked fiercely to raise funds for their trip,’ the press release said. ‘They sold various Spanish meals at breaks and lunch times, such as limonada quesadillas, empanadas, burritos, taquitos, and helado. These funds helped to lower the cost for their trip.’

Ms De Mercado is assisted by five chaperones, Allison Taylor, Simon Donough, Daniel Twist, Dahlia Whorms and Neil Clements.

The students going on the trip are: Claire O’Dea, Brittany Kelly, Jerrica Wood, Cynthia González- Espinos, Daegan McLaughlin, Jordan McErlean, Zacharie Caudeiron, Zach Wilson, Andrew Bloomfield, Daisy Lee, Javiera Borden, Maria Borden, Rory McDonough, Yannick Whorms, Nicholas Moore, Olin Monteith, Katie Fleming, Matthew Day, Stuart Jennings, Harrison Foster, Michael Brandon, Rejonte Rivers, Lena Lawrence, Chynae Samuels, Felecia Paddyfoote and Brittany Borden.