Special visitors to Hero’s Day

Special visitors from Gloucester, Mass, came to help us celebrate Hero’s Day.

Gasper and Sue Lafata were the inspiration of Suzy and Bob Soto who visited Gloucester and the site of their famous Fishermen’s Monument and the 10 granite and bronze plaques with the 6,000 names of their fishermen lost at sea.

They came to see the results of the endeavours of the Cayman Monument committee and the new statue, which was modelled after a French journalist photos were published in 1948 in the National Geographic Magazine and discovered in the Cayman archives by Leslie Bergstrom who did the research. Gasper and Sue were very impressed with the wonderful statue and tribute to the lost fishermen of Cayman.

Gasper and Sue also brought a Proclamation from Mayor John Bell, signed and sealed, which they presented to the Cultural Minister Alden McLaughlin after the official service.

It was accepted and will be placed in the Official records for always.

It has been suggested that a twinning of the Cayman Islands and Gloucester, Mass., would be beneficial to both areas because of our fishing, sailing, boat building heritage and Tourism. Gap and Sue Lafata have enjoyed their visit to Cayman and will be visiting the Sister Island of Little Cayman as well. They were here 25 years ago and are most impressed with the changes.