Congratulations Minister Alden McLaughlin

We would like to congratulate Mr. Alden McLaughlin for being chosen as Person of the year 2007.

It goes without saying that we agree with this choice and believe that he thoroughly deserves the award.

We wish to commend Alden on all he has achieved so far by way of hard work, both personally and in his public life, especially his dreams for bettering Cayman’s education system and building a better Cayman for future generations.

He truly is a minister with a vision.

We hope that Mr. McLaughlin will achieve as much success in his next term as Education Minister as he has achieved in this term. He has proven how much he cares for the Cayman people, especially the youth.

We really enjoyed reading the Cayman Net News article about Alden’s life, and totally agree with the words of his colleague, Alfonso Wright, that “Alden is a highly principled Caymanian that is good for his country and will go down in the history books as one of the greatest political leaders this country has ever seen.”

Alden is one of a very few politicians who can be considered a great politician while being honest, open and transparent, a very rare mixture indeed.

Congratulations Alden, we are proud of you and of what you have achieved so far and we wish you success in the future.

We are confident that once you remain as one of the captains of our good ship Cayman we are in very good hands and we know that better days are coming, as we have seen the vast improvement since the PPM took over Government.

David and Chris Wight