Man loses bail after arrest

Police gave bail in October to Fabian Mark Powell, 25, while they investigated a report of assault and damage to property.

After he was arrested for threatening violence in December, Crown Counsel Kirsty-Ann Gunn objected to Powell getting bail again.

Magistrate Grace Donalds heard Defence Attorney Phillip McGhee’s application for bail and Mrs. Gunn’s objections on Monday, 4 February. In withholding bail, the magistrate noted that four of the charges against Powell were allegedly committed while he was on police bail for the first six.

Other reasons included concern about possible interference with Crown witnesses and failure to surrender.

Mrs. Gunn said the complainant in the first set of charges was a young woman who had recently ceased relationship.

On 30 September she attended the Yacht Club to meet someone. She was in her vehicle and Powell allegedly threw a drink at her through an open window. The liquid covered her face, hair and chest.

He was further accused of throwing a large stone at her windscreen causing it to smash. Glass cut her knee and she also received some in the face. This incident led to charges of assault, assault causing actual bodily harm and damage to property.

The next day Powell went to her residence in George Town. This incident led to charges burglary, theft of the cell phone she was holding, and assault causing actual bodily harm.

The incident occurred after the previous night’s had been reported to police. Powell was bailed pending investigation. Mrs. Gunn said it was during the intervening period that the second set of offences occurred.

On 6 December, a disagreement arose between Powell and a neighbour, in another part of George Town. Powell had been asked to remove his car because it was blocking other people’s access, Mrs. Gunn related.

As a result, Powell has been charged with possession of an offensive weapon, a concrete block; threatening violence, by telling the neighbour he would f— him up; threatening violence, by telling the neighbour he would shoot him in the face before the week was out; threatening to destroy property.

Mrs. Gunn said she was concerned because in both cases Powell went back to the complainant after being spoken to by police.

In his bail application, Mr. McGhee said Powell and the young woman were now on good terms and he had another girlfriend. He said Powell had complied with police bail pending the decision whether he should be charged.

Powell had persons willing to stand surety for him and he could be directed to stay away from the neighbour, Mr. McGhee suggested. After bail was refused, the attorney advised that Powell would elect to have all offences tried in Grand Court that could be tried there.