Rock tossing continues

Rocks continue to rain down on roof tops on Kipling Street in Bodden Town

Despite increased patrols, the police still can’t seem to stop it and restore peace to the neighbourhood.

Residents have resorted to boarding up windows and are living in terror; they complain they can’t sleep at night. Rock throwers are targeting several homes that house young children and old people. And all this has been going on for months.

A small child has been struck on the leg, semi-retired fireman Ben McLaughlin got hit in the shoulder and on Sunday a man in his late 60s took a rock to the head.

‘If it had been a bigger rock it could have killed the poor man,’ said Kipling Street resident, Ben McLaughlin. ‘Mr. Tibbetts is an elderly fellow; he can’t take those kinds of things.’

Mr. Tibbetts ended up having to go to hospital for treatment. Ben McLaughlin described what happened:

‘He was sitting there talking to my son and all of a sudden out of the blue this rock come and lick him right in the head and cut his head open and it started to bleed. They called an ambulance and he was taken down to the hospital where he got it dressed.’

Police Spokesperson Deborah Denis had little to say other than the investigation is still ongoing. Some members of the public have suggested the rock throwing may be the work of duppies, or ghosts, but that theory has been dismissed by residents and the Police Department. Residents have caught sight of and chased some of the rock throwers, and while none have yet been caught, they believed it is the work of a gang of boys and young men.

In the meantime residents are clearing trees and bushes in the hope they can reduce their hiding places.