IT students ‘click on’ early

The University College of the Cayman Islands is offering an unprecedented learning opportunity to young people with an interest in information communication technology.

Students from John Gray High School are being given the chance to kick start their IT careers and ‘click on’ to their futures under a new partnership with UCCI.

Fifty-one Year 10 students are taking advantage of an Applied ICT Certificate Level 1 programme offered in collaboration with the high school and UCCI.

The students will be given the chance to study a recognised technology course covering everything from computer basics to upgrading operating systems.

With information communication technology skills becoming an ever more crucial requirement for the modern workplace, the school is utilising both the expertise and resources of the UCCI to help their students get a head start.

The students are attending classes for two hours each week on Tuesdays or Thursdays at the ICT labs and they are benefitting from the expertise of two of UCCI’s MCSE qualified faculty members.

Student Phyllis Lopez said, ‘The course teaches IT features to be applied later in life. It is quite an interesting programme with lots of fun. It provides me with an experience of what college life really is.’

Fellow student Andrew Grant said the programme will help him further his studies in computer science and he’s obtaining a great experience for college life. He hopes to use this experience to help setup his computer business later in life.

Perry George, Chair of Computer Sciences at UCCI, said: ‘This is a great opportunity for these young people to get a grounding and a recognized qualification even before they leave high school. Education at UCCI is for everyone and we hope these students will continue on and take their ICT studies further at UCCI when they graduate from John Gray.’

UCCI offers a number of certificate programmes, associate and degree courses in various aspects of Information Technology and Computer Science as well as professional Microsoft courses. For more information visit