Today’s Editorial February 25: Meals on Wheels needs our help

Each day as most of us go about our routines of working, shopping, visiting – living day to day – there are people preparing and delivering food to the most vulnerable of our society.

It’s a quiet bunch, but they’re there, making sure that our older citizens on limited incomes get at least one hot, nutritious meal a day.

Meals of Wheels is run out of the TE McField Community Centre on School Road under the capable leadership of Beulah McField.

The mission statement of MoW is simple: to provide a hot meal at lunchtime for the elderly, disabled and sick who do not have anyone at home to do this for them.

From 11.30am to noon volunteers show up at the centre, collect the meals and take them to those who need them most.

If there are children in the household they get fed too.

But Meals on Wheels is about so much more than providing a hot, nutritious meal.

It’s also about fellowship and caring for others.

The volunteers we met delight in delivering the meals and hearing updates on kids, grandkids and life in general from the recipients.

For some, the MoW volunteer is the only company they’ll get that day.

The volunteers come from a vast array of corporations, businesses, individuals and service clubs throughout Grand Cayman who give up 30 minutes to an hour of their day Monday through Friday to ensure someone less fortunate than them is fed.

Service is required only one day of the week form each volunteer. Many do it in pairs.

CUC is one Cayman company that has a stable of employees who take the time from their busy workdays to deliver meals.

It’s just one silent way CUC – and other companies – give back to the community. These companies and their employees don’t seek recognition; they just do what needs to be done.

Right now about 150 meals are delivered each day throughout Grand Cayman, but we’re sure – as is Beulah – that the need is greater. More volunteers are certainly welcome.

There is also a need for more money.

MoW gets a lot of help, both in funding and deliveries, from the Rotary.

And some of the food to MoW is donated. But the bulk has to be purchased.

The MoW ledger clearly shows that there isn’t enough money to keep the programme running this year.

So a fundraiser has been slated for 8 March. You can read the details on Page 1 of today’s Compass.

Those who go to the fundraiser will be treated to good food, drink, fellowship and wonderful works of art from four artists. Proceeds from tickets and part of the sale of artwork will go to MoW.

It is so important that Meals on Wheels survives. There are too many people who depend on the food and fellowship that MoW provides.

This will be the first major fundraiser for Meals on Wheels. It’s doubtful it will be the last.

The staff and volunteers of MoW provide a valuable service that most of us rarely – if ever – think about.

Raising money through the fundraiser will be a big shot in the arm, but MoW needs our help – either through donations or by volunteering – year-round.

Think about what you can do to help MoW and give Beulah McField a call at 916-5967 or email [email protected]

You can also reach her to buy tickets to the fundraiser.

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