Brac gets voter cards

Registered voters in Cayman Brac will be able to apply for new voter ID cards as of today.

Supervisor of Elections Kearney Gomez said all cards issued prior to Hurricane Ivan in September 2004 are obsolete and new cards must be obtained.

In Grand Cayman, cards will be issued starting 12 May. For voters in Little Cayman, the Elections Office will be making arrangements.

The new cards, legally known as elector registration cards, will be needed for the next general elections. They will not be needed for the referendum anticipated in May, said Chief Logistics Officer Wintroy Randal.

Mr. Randal explained that the Elections Office has acquired four sets of the equipment needed to produce voter registration cards. On Friday he was scheduled to take one set to the Brac.

There, Ms Raquel Matute of the Customs Department will be taking voters’ photographs weekdays between 2 – 4pm. She will also be responsible for distributing the cards.

Ms Matute will be assisted on occasion by a team from Grand Cayman. Her contact number is 925-4198.

Mr. Randal said the equipment is similar to that used for a driver’s licence, consisting of a camera unit, computer software and card printer.

Information on the card will include the voter’s name, address, date of birth, voter registration number, electoral district and polling division.

Starting in May, Elections Office staff will set up the equipment at various venues around Grand Cayman to make it easier for voters to get their cards. Specific dates and places will be announced closer to the start of this exercise.

Arrangements will be made to accommodate the physically challenged.

Mr. Gomez emphasised the need for accuracy of information on the Register of Electors, or voters list.

‘If the register does not accurately reflect the elector’s name, street address and occupation, then application on Form 13 should be made as soon as possible to have the register amended,’ Mr. Gomez said.

Form 13 is available at district post offices or it may be downloaded from the Elections Office website

Any voter who has moved out of the district in which he or she was formerly registered must now register in the district he or she has moved into. This can be done using the same Form 13.

Information on the Register of Electors can be checked for any voter on the Elections Office same website.

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