Surf Challenge indeed challenging

Jet-skiing is not cheap and events for the sport are no different.

This year’s East End Surf Challenge cost an estimated $73,000. The expenses were numerous for the event, including putting on the ‘Total Togetherness’ concert.

The Caymanian Compass was granted exclusive access to the preliminary financial documents for this year’s event. The following observations were made about the costs:

One of the biggest expenses was for music and entertainment, which was an estimated $13,700. Also race marshalling and site preparation, two aspects that were given particular focus in this year’s event, came out to roughly $4,000.

The Total Togetherness concert was the biggest expense in this year’s event. The presence of big names like Collie Buddz and Dawg E. Slaughter ended up contributing to half of the total cost as hosting the concert cost $34,000.

Manager of Team 2Frenzied Shane Edwards says the event was not able to make a profit.

‘There was an overwhelming cost in putting on this year’s event. There was no profit.’

Nevertheless, Edwards plans to make the most of the available funds, especially through contributions to the community.

‘The 2Frenzied Foundation will give scholarship grants to kids in the community. Among our other concerns will be assisting with the treatment costs for a dialysis patient in East End.

‘We also plan to make contributions to other needy cases in the community,’ he said.

In addition, Team 2Frenzied plans to host more activities later in the year. Among the events scheduled are an Appreciation Wetfete, a GOAL beach football tournament around April, the Bull-Run (a quarter-mile Jet Ski race) sometime in July and a two mile run/walk in East End.

For Edwards, the most important thing about the event was the reaction of the public and the riders.

‘I was very pleased with this year’s event. It was a success in terms of there being a bigger crowd and the biggest amount of riders ever [at roughly 20].

‘The riders thought it was well-organised with a good setup. My overall goal was to please the riders so that they come back year after year. To me that has a positive effect on the whole jet-skiing scene.’

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