50 overs now on

Cricket returns to Cayman in the form of the Money Express sponsored league this weekend.

The shortest version of cricket – 20/20 – got the season off and running and now it’s the turn of 50 overs. Could the players produce exciting matches again, but over the longer period? Joining the big boys in Division 1 for the first time will be Cable & Wireless Schools featuring a group of youngsters led by Ricardo Roach.

Matches will be contested at the Jimmy Powell Oval and Smith Road Oval on Saturdays and Sundays beginning at 12noon and 10.30am.

In Division One it is hard to pick the best side and they all have quality players who have proved themselves nationally and internationally. Police have Stanford 20/20 captain Pearson Best, plus Alessandro Morris, Kirkpatrick Clarke and Dave Cumberbatch.

Prison have the likes of Saheed Mohamed, Steve Gordon, Kevin Bazil and Larry Cunningham.

The much improved Heineken Greenies One will rely on captain Scott Watson and also veteran bowler Hector Robinson, plus Matthew Walker and Rupert Bool.

By Rite can boast Stanford players Ainsley Hall, Michael Wight, Kenute Tulloch and Conroy Wright.

Esso too have a formidable team in captain Franklin Hinds and also Stanford reps Ryan Bovell, Alistair Ifill, Kevon Bazil. Paramount can depend on Deno McInnis and Leon Watson and the young and experienced C&W Schools will be no pushovers with the likes of Ricardo Roach, Ramon Sealy, Marlon Bryan and Kervin Ebanks in the side.

The Division Two teams are West Bay, Pro Plus, Cayman Brac, Team DTA, BrightStaff Greenies Too, JJ’s, Wellys/Cayman Doors and UCCI

Cayman cricket’s technical director Theo Cuffy said: ‘The players have had a spell of 20/20 cricket now the 50-over version calls for more application. It is vital for the development of our young players that they grasp the necessary skills. That’s so important.

‘Some youngsters did show flashes in the 20/20 but there is a big difference in the longer game. It is critical in our development process that they learn the patience for 50 overs.’

Tomorrow the Division Two matches are Wellys/Cayman Doors against Pro Plus at the JPO and UCCI against BrightStaff Greenies Two at SRO.

On Sunday Police take on By Rite at SRO and Paramount play Heineken Greenies One at JPO.

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