Commonwealth Day observed

Like others around the globe, Cayman schools celebrated the culture and history of the Commonwealth nations on Monday.

Commonwealth Day is celebrated world-wide on the second Monday in March every year with a number of events and activities.

The aim of commemorating Commonwealth Day is to promote understanding on global issues, international cooperation and the work of the Commonwealth to improve the lives of its 1.8 billion citizens.

The day provided for Bodden Town and East End students a lesson in the importance of the Commonwealth – its values and belief and the cultural, historical and traditional values of other countries.

During a special assembly at East End Primary, students learned about the culture and traditional foods from other countries.

At Bodden Town Primary School, students and teachers dressed in traditional costumes of commonwealth countries, performed skits and songs.

Students also sampled traditional foods and learned about the culture, traditions, environment and governments of other countries.

Bodden Town Year 3 class, taught by Carol Nyack studied Bangladesh – a country in India. In the classroom students cooked a traditional dish called shemai sweet vermicelli – a dish made up of milk, pasta, raisins and spices, the students also learned traditional greetings, the colours of the flag and members of government.

Year 1 class taught by Mopsie Crawford learned about Botswana Africa. In her class students learned about traditional foods, clothes, environment, animals and customs of the people.

Year 6 music class taught by teacher Trilby Lingard was extremely lively. Students dressed in Tanzania costumes performed a dance to the beat of drums and piano music.

The exhibitions also gave students the opportunity to ask questions and have discussions about the various countries.

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