Water Day to focus on our good fortune

Most people in the Cayman Islands regard sanitation as a norm, something rarely meriting thought.

But maybe we should occasionally pause to consider what Cayman would be like if we lacked human waste disposal facilities, laws and regulations. Many places across the globe offer neither proper sanitation nor access to clean drinking water.

These are all reasons why Sanitation is this year’s theme for World Water Day. The United Nations is using March 22 to focus world-wide attention on the issue of sanitation and health.

Sanitation is defined as the proper disposal of human waste. This is critically important since this waste contains large numbers of bacteria capable of causing diseases such as cholera and typhoid.

Even in a sanitary country such as the Cayman Islands, disasters such as severe hurricanes can lead to the disruption of clean water supplies. Proper disposal of human waste can then become an issue.

Accordingly, on March 22, take time out to reflect on our good fortune in having a pleasant and healthy place to live.

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