Mystery iguana

Sunday brought an unexpected alert to the National Trust’s Blue Iguana Recovery Programme. Eddie McLean, Joseph Hydes and Mario Murillo had captured a large female Grand Cayman Blue Iguana on Palm Dale, off Crewe Road near the airport perimeter.

McLean contacted BIRP Director Fred Burton, who rushed to the scene and transferred the iguana from its temporary cage into a canvas bag, for transportation to the captive breeding facility in the QE II Botanic Park.

Her size suggests she is too old to be offspring of any of the Blue Iguanas the Programme has released, so she must be a survivor of Grand Cayman’s original wild population – a valuable new bloodline for the captive breeding effort.

Anyone with any knowledge of how this iguana, which most probably was once captured illegally somewhere in the district of East End, came to be living in the Palm Dale area, is asked please to get in touch with Mr. Burton at 916 2418.

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