Police issue Easter weekend warning

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service is urging the Cayman Islands community to keep safety at the front of their minds over this year’s Easter weekend.

Commissioner of Police, Mr Stuart Kernohan said, ‘In jurisdictions around the world, incidents which could be avoided often take place over the Easter weekend. These range from serious traffic collisions to boating accidents and domestic incidents. We want people to look out for each other; think safe, drive safe and remain safe during this time of celebration and reflection.’

Starting on Thursday and lasting the whole holiday weekend, a police presence will be provided in the Kaibo Beach and North Side areas with the RCIPS Mobile Command Vehicle on site. Officers will be patrolling the area to prevent drug use, excessive loud music and any breach of the peace that may occur, so that campers can enjoy themselves in a safe environment.

Motorcyclists from the Traffic Management Unit will also be on hand to assist with traffic control and traffic cones will be used to prevent double parking in some areas. Road blocks and stop checks will be carried out to ensure people are not drink driving.

Marine Officers from the joint Customs and RCIPS Marine Unit will also be on hand to ensure safety on the water and are offering the following advice:

• Lobster season is closed.

• Conch season remains opens until April 30th and are limited to five conchs per person or ten per boat whichever is less.

• People younger than 15 must be accompanied by an adult to operate any powered watercraft whether it is a boat or personal watercraft (wave runner).

• Life vest are required to be worn by each person on wave runners.

• Any vessel or watercraft must not be operated at speeds exceeding 5 mph within200 yards of shore.

• People snorkelling and swimming are required to display a diver’s down buoy or flag outside of 200 yards from shore.

• Vessels are not to be operated by persons under the influence of alcohol.

In addition, officers are asking everyone who may be travelling or camping and leaving their home empty to ensure they have taken the necessary precautions to secure their property.

The following tips and advice should be followed:

• Ensure windows and doors are locked and secure and set the alarm if there is one.

• Make sure your home looks lived in. Use automatic timers to turn lights on and off.

• Avoid discussing vacation or camping plans within earshot of strangers.

• Ensure important documents are secure in a safe.

• Do not leave pedal cycles or gardening equipment in the yard. Make sure they are

secure in a shed or the house.

• Spend a couple of minutes reviewing home security before you leave.

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