Water disrupted in eastern districts

Water Authority customers in parts of Bodden Town, East End and North Side were without water for about three hours Wednesday night after the authority shut services off to fix a small leak in a pipe by the Bodden Town Police Station.

The outage affected all main-line customers east of the break from about 5.30pm to 8pm.

The authority issued warnings to customers over the radio that services would be interrupted after the leak was discovered mid-afternoon.

Water Authority Chief Operations Manager, Bob Robler said the outage was not connected to an outage Saturday 15 March that left over 4,000 customers in George Town, South Sound and Prospect without water for about five hours.

The Water Authority’s main-line service now extends well into East End and North Side. It is expected that the main line service will be extended to all of East End and North Side within 12 months.

In East End, the main-line service now extends about a half-mile beyond Morritt’s Tortuga. In North Side, the main-line has been furthered beyond the Driftwood Bar.

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