Environmental regulations needed

Burning of spent oil on island I assume is a cost saving initiative.

As a minimum I would expect our governmental agencies would require an environmental impact statement, as how this project will affect the island physically and financially.

It may be that this small community has not drafted environmental regulation as strong as our large neighbours.

But the lack of writing this protection does not stop us from protecting ourselves when risk rears its ugly head.

Given adequate information I know our governmental agencies will do the right thing to protect the citizens of these islands.

Praise to the Compass for bringing this to our attention.

It seems that all over the world the press has become the all seeing eyes and voice.

Good to know that you seek information not only of proposed risk, but existing risk to our health.

Even without an impact study I know burning oil is not healthy.

Let’s put that oil where it came from, deep in an abandoned oil well

John Levy

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