A Winter Tale

Frances-Anne Solomon’s dramatic feature film, A Winter Tale, is premiering in the Cayman Islands, Wednesday, 9 April, at the Marquee Cinema, a press release said.

Written, directed and produced by Solomon, A Winter Tale tells the moving story of a black men’s support group that forms at a local Caribbean takeaway restaurant after a young boy is killed by a stray bullet. With a plot that revolves around the universal issues of gun violence and drug use, the film beautifully captures the day-to-day emotional struggles of this group of individuals.

The cast includes accomplished talents Leonie Forbes and Peter Williams. Forbes portrays Miss G. – the beloved owner of Miss G’s restaurant, where much of the story unfolds.

A Winter Tale was awarded the Outstanding Canadian Feature Film and Award of Excellence at the ReelWorld Film Festival last year, and also won the People’s Choice Award for Best Caribbean Feature at the 2007 Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival.

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