Pre-school teachers shown appreciation

Scores of teachers enjoyed a well-earned break from the classroom recently when they attended a professional development seminar which extended into a social interaction evening.

This was one of the final events in the Week of the Young Child (WOYC) and participants listened keenly as special guest, child care specialist Professor Roberta Altman, spoke of the importance of early childhood educators to national success.

Her theme was echoed by Chief Education Officer Shirley Wahler who expressed appreciation to all pre-school operators and workers.

‘I thank you for your enthusiasm, for your input at a most fundamental level of education, and for the crucial early lessons which secure the foundation of children’s education and lives,’ she said.

President of Cayman’s Early Childhood Association, Mrs Reina Jefferson, was also present at the function. She emphasised the importance of revitalising the organisation and felt that the evening’s activities were a move in the right direction.

Events during this WOYC golden anniversary focused on correlations between children, their families and their communities.

WOYC activities are continuing in the Sister Islands this week, co-ordinated by Early Childhood Development Officer April Tibbetts. For more information on Week of the Young Child, contact the Early Childhood Unit on 945-1199 or 244-1816.