Sandbar trip rewards students

A unique interschool initiative saw students from Prospect Primary School and the Alternative Education Centre take a trip to Stingray City Sandbar on Friday.


Students and teachers on board the catamaran bound for the North Sound on Friday. Photo: Cliodhna Doherty

Fantasea Tours, in conjunction with sponsors Shamrock Construction and Cayman Screen Printing, provided the opportunity for students from the Alternative Education Centre to act in a supervisory role their younger peers aboard a catamaran tour of the North Sound and Stingray City.

Sean Cahill, who is the behaviour specialist within the Education Department, organised the trip as part of the Asdan Award Life Skills course he runs at AEC. In outlining the benefits of such a trip, he stated that many of the pupils at AEC had made some wrong choices in the past that in turn resulted in a great deal of negative consequences.

However, trips such as these allowed for the same pupils to thrive in the role of being a responsible young adult and the positive feedback associated with such a role would hopefully reinforce the more preferred choices that they were now making within the centre.

Mr. Cahill, who has also worked with Prospect Primary School, also highlighted the benefits to their pupils in that the trip was linked to the school’s reward system and was on offer to a target group of Year 6 pupils.

Year 6 tutor Gerry Coyle stated that all had earned their place on the trip by their effort and improved behaviour over the last month.

Mr. Cahill emphasised the importance of positive reinforcement in changing pupil behaviour and outlined that such trips provided the perfect opportunity for pupils to behave appropriately and as a result receive the praise and feedback that will reinforce such behaviour.