Today’s Editorial for May 1: Throne Speech hits many points

The Governor’s Throne Speech on Wednesday brought home many of the issues that have been facing the Cayman Islands in the past year.

Governor Stuart Jack first confirmed to the country that despite recent problems in the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service that our country will be policed effectively and with integrity.

His broach of this subject once again leaves us to wonder exactly what happened last month to cause the abrupt placement of three top ranking police officials on required leave.

If you will recall a press conference was hastily called to announce the three had been put on leave. It was there that the Governor told us all not to speculate about what had gone on to cause such action, but didn’t give us any specifics.

We still don’t know much more than what we knew then, except the three are still on leave, and, we would assume, on the Cayman Islands payroll.

The interim police commissioner appears to be doing a good job, but rumour and speculation about what caused the sudden departure of the three is still rampant in the islands.

What we did learn from the Governor was that the Bodden Town Emergency Response Centre will be completed and that a new prison will be built using inmate labour.

He also told us that the Marine Unit will be strengthened through the completion of secure berthing facilities and more patrol and interception units. It’s the same promise that was made in the 2007 Throne Speech.

On the Governor’s radar in the coming year will be methods of tackling the problems of youth at risk, preventing re-offending and to rehabilitate offenders through the courts, the prisons and parole system.

We anxiously wait to see how those things will be accomplished.

Another item reiterated from last year’s Throne Speech was the objective for the Treasury Department to help ministers and portfolios with completing annual reports for the 05-06,06-07 and 07-08 financial years.

The Governor also broached the subject of the high cost of living, both here and worldwide.

He told us that the consumer must not be forgotten about.

The Governor raised many good points in this year’s Throne Speech.

We wait to see how the issues raised will be handled.