Governor asked to investigate AG

The Burns Conolly Group has asked for Governor Stuart Jack to investigate Auditor General Dan Duguay under the remit of good governance.

The request comes after Mr. Duguay refused last week to alter the contents of his Special Report on the Royal Watler Cruise Terminal after evidence seemingly contradictory to that in the report came to light during the Public Accounts Committee hearings on the subject.

Mr. Conolly rejects statements made by Mr. Duguay to the Caymanian Compass recently and on a radio talk show in which he stated his office made ’60-70 changes’ to the final report after meeting with the Burns Conolly Group.

In a press release issued Wednesday, Mr. Conolly said he compared the draft report to the final report.

‘Most changes to this ‘draft’ document were only for correcting grammatical errors and sentence clarity not because of any information provided by our company,’ Mr. Conolly stated, adding that one of the revisions did add another sentence based on his company’s input. It did not, however, change the impact or intent of the original paragraph, he maintained.

‘One minor change, not 60-70,’ he stated.

Mr. Conolly also said his company never received the draft document from the Auditor General and was never asked to comment on it.

‘The Burns Conolly Group became aware of this document several weeks after it had been distributed by the AG’s Office and received a copy from a third party,’ the press release stated.

After reviewing the document, Mr. Conolly said he contacted the Auditor General for a meeting

‘At the end of a very difficult 2-1/2 hour meeting, Mr. Duguay was extremely resolute and did not want to change anything in the document.

The press release states Mr. Duguay said he was ‘satisfied with the language’ in the special report and that it had been checked with the Legal Department.

As a follow up to the meeting, the Burns Conolly Group said it provided a letter with attachments that appeared to initiate a single partial substantive change to the special report. Additional information, which Mr. Conolly contends offered proof his company was instructed by e-mails by the Port Authority, did not change the report.

‘We subsequently, believed that the AG was not interested in changing anything as was clear from our meeting.’

Mr. Conolly stated that on a radio talk show last week, Mr. Duguay suggested ‘that he may not have had all of the information and that the memo attached to the report from the Director of the Port Authority Paul Hurlston gave his office confidence in issuing the final report’.

In light of the contention from the Burns Conolly Group to Mr. Duguay that the draft report was ‘erroneous, misleading and does not contain factual information’ Mr. Conolly believes it should have been the Auditor General’s duty to investigate the allegation thoroughly.

‘It is clear that this was not an audit of any value to anyone and that the AG did not understand this design/build project,’ the Burns Conolly press release stated.

Mr. Conolly said his company does not intend to let the Auditor General’s report stand as written.

‘We have spent tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours preparing our response, which was released to the PAC last weekend hence publicly,’ the press release stated. ‘Our company’s reputation has undoubtedly been negatively impacted as a result of the AG’s pathetic, subjective and conjured document.’

The Burns Conolly Group is also asking the Governor look into the operations of the Auditor General’s Office and into the supporting memo written by Port Director Paul Hurlston and the creation of the special report.

Efforts to reach Mr. Duguay for comment before press time were unsuccessful.