Cayman becoming a celebrity hotspot

Grand Cayman recently starred in a major celebrity news and gossip magazine.

In a recent edition of OK! Weekly magazine, Grand Cayman is showcased as a rest and relaxation spot for celebrities including singer Sheryl Crow, actors Orlando Bloom and Adrian Grenier, TV personality Dr. Phil, and golf star Tiger Woods.

The two-page spread, which showcases the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman as the place to stay, includes large colour photos of Sheryl Crow, Orlando Bloom and Katie Couric along with photos of the Ritz Carlton, Grand Cayman and Stingray City.

And, with a weekly circulation of 935,375, the Department of Tourism puts the advertising value of the feature at $150,537.

The piece firstly advocates the island for relaxation purposes. ‘From the second you land, it’s as if the turquoise waters have the power to wash away all your angst and troubles. You can collapse on your chaise lounge, rum punch in one hand, novel in the other, and totally bliss out.’

Next, it focuses on the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman and particularly its food. ‘In fact, be warned: You’ll probably put on a few pounds. Celebrity chef Eric Ripert of New York City’s famed Le Bernardin opened his first Caribbean venture, Blue, here.’

It also recommends visiting Stingray City, Starfish Point and a mangrove kayak adventure.

‘The Cayman Islands are famous for being home to the stingray, one truly beautiful and often misunderstood creature.’

The three OK! Must-dos are: Stingray City, ceviche at Blue and a Ritz-Carlton rum punch.

Another recent article in the Daily News (NY), a newspaper serving the New York City and Long Island metropolitan area, featured an article on getting your kids scuba certified in Cayman.

The article, by visiting journalist Paul Schultz, was a result of his visit to Grand Cayman with his wife and two kids in February, where both kids learned to dive with Ocean Frontiers.

According to DoT, the ad value of the coverage is $182,000. The Daily News (NY) has 2.6 million readers on Sundays.

His intro reads, ‘. . . But if you’re taking a swim on the beach in the Cayman Islands, just go out a little further and you’ll enter another world, one that’s every bit as spectacular as the one above ground.’

The reasoning behind getting the couple’s teens certified in diving was ‘if their first taste of diving is in the Caymans rather than, say, the murky Long Island Sound, they might want to do it again.’

The final paragraph reads, ‘And after seven visits undersea, two kids were addicted to diving.’

The article mentions other attractions above ground including Rum Point, Boatswain’s Beach, Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme and Pedro St. James Castle. It also mentions staying at Compass Point Resort and dining at Portofino’s Wreck View, Lighthouse Restaurant, Vivene’s Kitchen and Over the Edge.