Apologise to Pastor Al

While I support the rights of any Caymanian or expat living here to voice their views on any matter, I believe Nick Pittman has gone just a little too far.

I have been reading his comments on Facebook concerning this incident involving the gay couple at Royal Palms and I find him to be not only arrogant but rude and disrespectful.

To call Pastor Alson Ebanks a bigot is to slap Caymanians in the face. Either he is unaware of who this distinguished man is or he is just ignorant as he is not thoughtful.

I found nothing that Pastor Ebanks said to be bigoted in his letter to the Caymanian Compass and I believe any person with an ounce of common sense would see that his intentions were to present his view on the matter than to pass judgement. We will leave God up to judging all of us.

One of my best friends is gay and he would never put himself out there as these men did. However it is in the past.

They have learnt a lesson on conducting themselves in a foreign country and now they are gone.

What we must now do as a nation is to peacefully move on. To change Cayman overnight would be the same as shoving a bottle in a baby’s mouth with hot milk in it.

The baby will only spit it out.

Nick Pitman, you have not been on this island long enough but Cayman is changing and it does not happen overnight. Rome was not built in a day however, when in Rome do as the Romans do.

Would it be fair to call you a racist then? I would hate for you to be labelled something for what you are not. Or are you? A word of advice Mr. Pitman, when you came here to these islands like me, you must have known this place was different than anywhere else. That is why we love it and live here. I hope you will apologise to Pastor Ebanks. Take a step in the right direction.

Blair Kroft