What would Jesus do?

This is in response to a letter from Blair Kroft, which appeared in the Tuesday, 13 May edition of the Caymanian Compass.

I am not sure how Mr. Kroft got to read my comments as we are not Facebook friends and I do wonder why he chose me out of the hundreds of local Facebook users who stated similar opinions, but regardless, I stand by my statement and will answer him. I completely disagree with his emotional and irrational stirring that:

‘To call Pastor Alson Ebanks a bigot is to slap Caymanians in the face.’

Well Sir, my Caymanian partners, work colleagues and friends have let me know that neither he nor Mr. Ebanks speak for them.

*Bigot: a person who is prejudiced in their views and intolerant of the opinions of others’ – Oxford Dictionary.

May I remind him that Mr. Ebanks stated in his letter against Ms Pilar Bush that:

‘The police officer was in the right to deal with the offensive and illegal behaviour the way he did.’

That is judgement Sir; judgement of gay people and Ms Bush. Mr Ebanks has no love for gay people.

Offensive? Maybe to some. Illegal? Certainly not, and that is the point that is being addressed by the RCIP as we speak. If anyone here is allowed to make statements of hatred and ignorance, then anyone who lives here in a democracy is allowed to stand up to them. That’s free speech, both ways. Take a look at Denmark and see what is happening there.

While he may be able to find justification for his hatred of gays in the Bible, I am certain that the good hearted, kind majority of Caymanians, Christian or not, will not stand by this hateful outburst as they have been able to maintain the positive aspects of their religion and concentrate on what is important.

I know that he doesn’t speak for the vast majority of good, peaceful, tolerant and loving Caymanians (and expats) who are not only aware that they have gay relatives and friends, but are saddened that such damaging volume has been given to this farce, harming the wonderful image that Cayman holds in millions of hearts.

I am well aware of Mr. Ebanks and his very public statements on such issues as gay cruises, gay people and certain movies that do not suit his agenda.

Men of the cloth should be brought to account just as politicians and you or I should, Sir. No free rides. All men and women are equal are they not?

I for one do not want to change Cayman, for I love Cayman. However, just as we all grow, as humans and as a society, so must our knowledge and understanding else we regress to darker times.

I am not calling for gay pride marches. For the record I am not a big fan of straight couples eating each other’s faces in public either and of course I respect the right of opinion to others but know this:

Homosexuality is neither an expat import, a crime, nor a choice but a fact of nature. That may not sit well with him or Mr. Ebanks, but one only has to let go of fundamental hatred and open ones mind to love and knowledge, especially when it comes to basic biology and anthropology.

Of course it would not be fair to call me a racist, for I have not made racist comments in a newspaper and it would be pretty wasteful of me to live in a multicultural society and be racist.

Yes, I knew it was different here and of course I am a believer in the ‘when in Rome’ line, but again you miss the point by resorting to emotional blackmail and cheap shots to stir up more unnecessary anti-expat feelings.

Gay kiss = not illegal = no charge = mountain out of a molehill = Cayman’s image suffers and is dragged out and made worse by men like him and Mr. Ebanks who, while I am sure you have good intentions, are blinded by faith and cannot accept the law of the land and those who stand up for it.

I am no saint, just a happy human being who is grateful to be alive. I try to be respectful and kind as much as I can as this island has helped me to be so and I will also support and challenge where necessary (and I can count on many Caymanians that will vouch for me as so)

I ask you, what would Jesus do?

I am pretty confident that Jesus would not be impressed with his so-called representatives attitudes to this issue (regardless of Leviticus) for it shows far more signs of communism that it does of peace and love for all our brothers and sisters.

Peace be unto you

Nick Pitman