Filipino action this weekend

The Filipino Volleyball League will host its All-Star Gala on Saturday at the Airport Park at 7pm.

Among the activities on the night is an exhibition match between the Cayman national team and an FIL select team.

Awards will be given including the MVP for the male and female divisions plus medals for players on the winning teams in both divisions.

A band is slated to perform and refreshments will be available.

As the season is nearly over, it’s a good time to check out how the teams stack up.

In first place is Cayfil with eight wins and one loss. Close behind are Caybrew and Gel. Both are in a tie for second with seven wins and two losses each.

Thereafter is Corona with six wins and three losses, UBE with five wins and four losses and Bad Intention with four wins and five losses.

Rounding out the bottom of the league is Louie & Jaspher with three wins and six losses and You Got Serve with two wins and seven losses.

The league quarterfinals are scheduled to tip off next week and the league finals are set to take place next Saturday.

For more information e-mail Jhun Padua at [email protected].