Dead contractor ‘good guy’

Gilles Langlois not only lost an employee last week, he lost a family member.

‘Marty was my cousin, I’ve known him all his life,’ Mr. Langlois said. ‘To think there’s somebody walking around the country (that’s) capable of doing this is pretty scary.’

Martin Gareau, 47, was found dead in his home Tuesday morning by Mr. Langlois and another relative. Police said Mr. Gareau, a Canadian, had suffered both blunt and sharp force injuries, which could only have been caused by another person or persons. His death marks the fifth homicide in Cayman this year.

Mr. Langlois, who owns K-Coast Development (incorrectly spelled in the 21 May edition of the Caymanian Compass) and its sister company CI Precast, said he knew something was wrong when Mr. Gareau didn’t show up for work.

‘Five-thirty, 6.15am; he was at work like clockwork,’ Mr. Langlois said of Mr. Gareau.

Mr. Langlois described a horrific scene at the Beach Bay area home where Mr. Gareau was found.

‘It’s not even human to me,’ he said. ‘Marty was a well-liked guy, he was respected around the community. He was always jolly, always joking.’

Mr. Gareau was a class certified welder and heavy equipment operator. Mr. Langlois said he worked at CI Precast as a production manager. The company manufactures concrete products such as outdoor patios, retaining walls and the like.

However, that’s not what most in Mr. Gareau’s hometown of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan would likely remember as his trade.

‘He was one of the pioneers of extraction of essential oils out of plants,’ Mr. Langlois said. ‘He would take things like dill seeds and extract oils.’

Mr. Langlois said Mr. Gareau ran a fairly successful farm in Saskatchewan from the late 1980s into the 1990s, but said that business later encountered financial problems. He moved to Cayman in 2004 following a divorce.

Mr. Gareau and his ex-wife had three children.

‘He was a good guy and he’ll be greatly missed,’ Mr. Langlois said.

Royal Cayman Island Police investigating the killing did not offer a possible motive. However, detectives confirmed there was no forced entry into the home on Sea Spray Drive. It’s believed Mr. Gareau was killed sometime between Sunday afternoon, 18 May and Tuesday morning 20 May.

Police said it appeared nothing was taken from the home.

Neither Mr. Langlois, nor Mr. Gareau’s family members in Saskatchewan could think of anyone who would want to kill Mr. Gareau.

Police ask anyone who had been in contact with Mr. Gareau between that Sunday afternoon and the time he was found to contact them at Bodden Town Police Station, 947-2220 or at Crime Stoppers, 800-8477.