Kudos to Caybrew masters

To pick up the morning paper is becoming a sobering experience.

The price of gasoline, the sinking economy, serious crime, the poor iguanas, the arrest of police and the list goes on.

However, finally some good news in the Friday 23rd edition of the Compass.

The headline on page 20 reads ‘Caybrew picks up liquid gold award’.

Ahhhhhh now that’s good news! Raise your glasses high to the management, staff and brewmeister at Caybrew…prost!

Maybe CIB’s General Manager Mr. Allen Chu Fook should also be awarded a seat in Cabinet – it seems he’s doing something right. And whatever he’s doing it sure makes some of us happy at the end of a stressful day.

Just recently (after a few Caybrews) I had a wonderful dream…. It was the year 2015, I was riding my horse around the new round-about one afternoon. There was no traffic jam, no road rage, no inconsiderate drivers, no police, come to think of it there was not a single moving vehicle on the road – the world had been depleted of oil. We trotted into the On the Run and the attendant asked ‘fill er’ up’? Sure I said. He pulls the handle on the huge Caybrew beer keg and fills up the horse trough – then passes me a cold pint. I give him a $20 note and he brings back some change – With a smile he says ‘Sure is cheaper than gas back in 2008’.

My horse belches and we ride off into the sunset.

Support local – have a nice, ice cold Caybrew!

H G Nowak

(Barefoot Man)