Today’s Editorial May 28: Squeaky wheel gets grease

Government thought it was hearing a hue and cry about the Ironwood Forest before.

Wait until the residents of Windsor Park realise the road plans now include their subdivision.

Residents in Windsor Park already face flooding woes when heavy rains fall on Grand Cayman.

Any road that goes through that area will have to be built up and that could mean even more standing water there.

Kudos to Government for making the decision to save the Ironwood Forest.

Now it is up to the individual property owners to ensure they don’t develop the land for economic gain.

They yelled about preserving the forest and keeping a road away. Now it is their responsibility to live up to their end of the bargain to keep the forest in as pristine condition as possible.

One thing the Ironwood Forest issue proved is that Government does listen if enough people get involved.

We should all be so passionate about issues facing us in the Cayman Islands as the Ironwood Forest saviours were.

Now that the road plans have been dashed, the National Roads Authority will have to return to the drawing board to come up with another plan to help divert traffic.

Sending it through Windsor Park is going to present its own set of new problems.

We don’t envy the position of Infrastructure Minister Arden McLean.

Fortunately or unfortunately Grand Cayman has grown to the point that more people means more motorised vehicles, which means the need for more roads; roads that will have to be built on what will increasingly be private property.

And it’s going to become more and more expensive.

Minister McLean has already forewarned us that ditching the Ironwood Forest roadway means a much more expensive process going forward.

It’s a hefty price we’ll have to pay if we want the Minister and the NRA to continue to find ways to ease traffic woes

New carriageways that have already been constructed have helped with traffic miseries, but at the rate Grand Cayman is growing, the minister in charge of infrastructure now and in the future will never be able to get ahead of the game.

One thing the Ironwood Forest issue proved is that Government does listen if enough people get involved.