Police review street dance video

A video in which several people are shown mimicking sexual acts during a George Town street dance is now under review by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

The video, which appears on YouTube under the title ‘Cayman Dancehall April 2008,’ appears to have been shot in downtown George Town.

In various graphic displays, several males are seen mimicking sex acts while dancing with at least three females. In certain cases, the video shows several men ganging up on one woman.

Everyone shown in the video is fully clothed. The Caymanian Compass has learned several of those shown are local residents.

Most of the street dance appears to have been shot outdoors in a public place.

‘It is something that has been brought to our attention and it is currently under review,’ read a statement issued Friday by the RCIPS. ‘All key stakeholders have been consulted including the Liquor Licensing Board. We are also seeking advice from the legal department.’

It’s not certain if the videotaped acts shown in the street dance video run afoul of any local indecency laws. Police also could not state whether everyone shown on the video was of legal age.

A police spokesperson said the department had received no complaints about the street dance.

However, one local lawmaker told the Compass he found the video very disturbing.

‘It’s quite alarming,’ said Bodden Town MLA Osbourne Bodden. ‘It’s one thing to have fun, I’m no prude…but what I saw on YouTube it’s certainly something…that I didn’t think I’d see in Cayman.

‘That (video) was as good as having sex, except with your clothes on, as you could get.’

Mr. Bodden was also asked to compare the YouTube video to a 30 April incident here in Cayman where a homosexual man was detained by police after kissing his partner several times on the Royal Palms dance floor.

‘To be quite honest, I guess if you had to compare the two, this thing here with what these young people were doing would be more…offensive,’ he said. ‘No one in Cayman wants to see two men or two women out in public kissing…but what was on that YouTube was just mind-blowing.’

Mr. Bodden said both incidents were alike in that they were not reflective of Caymanian culture. He said he worried about such influences affecting young people in the islands.

‘That’s not our thing at all,’ he said. ‘It’s something that our young people have picked up. They have to grow up now and witness that. You wonder where we are going.’

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