Today’s Editorial for June 4: Environment should be daily priority

You may not realise it, but tomorrow is World Environment Day.

This year’s theme is CO2 Kick the Habit! Towards a low carbon economy.

On Thursday the United Nations hopes to stimulate worldwide awareness of the environment and is asking countries, companies and communities to focus on greenhouse gas emissions and how to reduce or even get rid of them.

The United Nations Environment Programme urges us all to do things around our homes and businesses to cut down on energy consumption.

They suggest that those who wash clothes in a washing machine turn the water temperature down to 30 C and that standard light bulbs be replaced with energy efficient bulbs.

The programme calls for us to park our cars and walk, ride bicycles or use public transportation to keep pollution out of the air.

It seems like we are bombarded with environment messages on a monthly basis. We have Earth Day, Arbour Day, Earth Week, Earth Celebration – the list goes on and on.

You would think that with all of these days, weeks and months devoted to the Earth, we’d be doing a better job of taking care of our environment, especially here in the Cayman Islands.

We still have the mountainous issue of the landfill in George Town – affectionately called Mount Trashmore – where our garbage just keeps piling up, making it probably the highest point on Grand Cayman.

Government’s got to come up with something to do with all that waste out there. We’ve suggested before that it be used to create energy.

While many businesses and individuals have taken steps at going green, not everyone has gotten on the band wagon.

We’re even looking at ways to recycle the newsprint we use at Cayman Free Press, but getting all of the logistics worked out is difficult.

But we are making an effort and will eventually meet our goal.

Having days set aside to remind us to be friendly to our Mother Earth are fine, but actually taking steps on a daily basis to keep our environment clean would mean so much more than just celebrating or paying lip service to a day, week or month.

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