Talented students make hard work for judges

When Countryside Shopping Village announced it needed a tag line or slogan to let everyone know it offered one-stop shopping, nearly 300 students from schools in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac put their inner creative genius to work.

Also inspired by the incredible prizes offered as inspiration, they put pen to paper making the judge’s job incredibly difficult.

Many of the students put an amazing amount of work into their entries, with some going further than the requested tag line.

‘They also provided elaborate drawings or computer images to accompany the tag line,’ said Mrs. Nicole Thompson, Manager of Countryside Shopping Village.

‘It was clear from their work that many of the students have an appreciation for the convenience that Countryside has brought to them personally. I guess that they, like my children, appreciate that not every quick errand involves a drive all the way into George Town anymore!’

With entries from George Town Primary, Heritage High School, Lighthouse School, Cayman Academy, Home School, Grace Christian Academy, Cayman Prep, West End Primary (Brac), West Bay Primary, George Hicks, Montessori by the Sea, John Gray, St. Ignatius, First Baptist and Triple C a wide assortment of schools were represented in the competition, but ultimately Reno Jackson of St. Ignatius Catholic School (12 yrs / Year 7) won first prize with his tag line, ‘Countryside Shopping Village, Convenience in the country.’

And for his creativity he won a laptop from My Computer, lunch by Subway and fruit tray and cookies from Fosters Food Fair.

Ashley Wood, Triple C (12 yrs / grade 6), won second prize with her tag line ‘The selection is wide… we have it all at Countryside,’ and she received an iPod nano, lunch by Pizza Hut and fruit tray and cookies from Fosters Food Fair; and third prize went to Tyler Merren, First Baptist Christian School (13 yrs / grade 8) , whose tag line ‘For all your needs, drive with ease to Countryside,’ won him an iPod shuffle, ice cream from Haagen-Dazs and fruit tray and cookies from Fosters Food Fair.

‘We want to thank the schools, the teachers, the parents and especially the kids for putting into words the essence of Countryside,’ said Mr. Troy Burke, Director Heritage Holdings Ltd.

‘It is extremely gratifying to see in the submissions that our goal of providing the community of Savannah and indeed the Eastern districts as well with a convenient shopping centre which is fast becoming an integral part of these communities daily lives.’

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