Man charged with Beach Bay murder

Josue Alexander Carrillo Perez, 28, appeared in Summary Court on Friday afternoon charged with the murder of Martin Joseph Gareau at Mr. Gareau’s home in Beach Bay, Bodden Town.

The charge alleges that the killing took place between 16 and 20 May. That period was a long weekend in Cayman, with the Discovery Day holiday falling on Monday, 19 May.

Senior Crown Counsel Trevor Ward said Perez was an unemployed Honduran national. The charge sheet lists his address in the Bodden Town district.

Chief Magistrate Margaret Ramsay-Hale asked if the men knew each other. Mr. Ward said his information was that Mr. Gareau had been introduced to Perez in April at a bar and restaurant.

Mr. Ward advised the court that evidence included two fingerprint impressions in blood on an inner door that leads to the garage area of the residence. ‘When sample fingerprints of the accused were compared with the fingerprint impressions on the door, the expert concluded that they were made by the same person,’ Mr. Ward said.

Perez was arrested on 5 June, processed and advised of his rights. He said the only time he had been to the home of Mr. Gareau was in April. Perez further stated the last time he spoke with Mr. Gareau was on Sunday, 18 May, when Mr. Gareau phoned him. ‘He denies presence at the scene or any involvement in the murder,’ Mr. Ward told the court.

He described Mr. Gareau as a Canadian national, 47, who first arrived in Cayman on 31 October, 2004. He was employed with C.I. Pre-Cast and resided alone at Beach Bay, on Sea Spray Drive.

When Mr. Gareau failed to show up for work on Tuesday, 20 May, a relative became concerned because he had not been able to reach Mr. Gareau by phone on the Sunday or Monday. That relative asked another relative who lived close to Mr. Gareau to check on him.

The man who went to the home found the front door unlocked. He opened it and saw blood on the floor and on the walls inside and heard what sounded like running water. He immediately reported his discovery and 911 was notified.

Police officers were dispatched to the scene, which Mr. Ward described as an ocean-front residential development. The residence was a 1,200-square-foot two-storey townhouse on approximately one acre of property overlooking the south coast.

The townhouse consisted of one bedroom, one bath, kitchen and living room on the upper floor. The ground floor contained three parking bays and a utility room section.

Mr. Gareau’s body was found on the ground floor of the dwelling house, lying in a pool of blood in a foetal position. He was wearing blue jean pants and a black open-arm T-shirt all covered in blood. The body appeared to bear multiple blunt trauma about the head, chest and arms, including skull fracture, puncture wounds to the scalp and stab wounds to the scalp, arm, left flank and buttocks.

After a post mortem examination, cause of death was determined to be multiple blunt and sharp force injuries, Mr. Ward said.

Officers of the Scenes of Crime Unit attended the residence and processed the scene ‘which told of a violent attack, with blood spatter from wall to floor and from the first floor to the ground floor of the building.’ Footprint impressions were also discovered and photographed. Photographs were processed, as were the fingerprints.

Mr. Ward said officers executed search warrants at various places and seized various items for forensic analysis.

Defence Attorney Lloyd Samson said he had no intention of applying for bail on Friday, but wanted to receive documents in the case ‘so when we approach the court for bail we would be better able to assist the court.’

The magistrate asked if items had to be sent overseas for forensic examination, apart from fingerprints. Mr. Ward agreed.

Mention was set for Tuesday, 1 July. The magistrate told Perez his remand in custody would continue. Only exceptional circumstances would justify bail, she said.

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