No referendum date set

No date has been set for Cayman’s first referendum.

A report in another newspaper on Thursday identified a specific date, but it was not correct.

Supervisor of Elections Kearney Gomez discussed the report with Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts yesterday.

‘Mr. Tibbetts says the report of the date is inaccurate,’ Mr. Gomez said. He added that Mr. Tibbetts had told him he ‘would not have done something like that. It would have been a public announcement.’

At a press conference in May, Mr. Tibbetts did indicate that the referendum would take place in the latter part of July. An exact date was to be announced in the following two weeks. However, no such announcement was made.

The bill for the referendum law was gazetted on 23 May, but it has not yet been tabled or debated in the Legislative Assembly. Mr. Tibbetts is expected to introduce it today.

It is a bill to make provision for the holding of a referendum on the proposals to modernise Cayman’s Constitution.

The bill provides for the Governor in Cabinet to appoint a day for the holding of a referendum. This must be done by way of a notice, published in the official Cayman Islands Gazette.

‘The notice cannot be published until the law comes into effect,’ Mr. Gomez emphasised.

The set date would have to be not earlier than the 30th day following the date of the published notice.

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