Gov: RCIPS investigation integrity vital

Cayman Islands Governor Stuart Jack said the independence of an ongoing investigation into alleged misconduct at the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service is vitally important and will be retained, even though the officer in charge of the operation no longer works for the UK Metropolitan Police.

In a statement released Wednesday, Mr. Jack said Senior Investigating Officer Martin Bridger had accepted a contract with the Cayman Islands government following his resignation from the Met.

‘Replacing (Mr. Bridger) at this crucial point would have been difficult and potentially detrimental to the investigation’s progress,’ Mr. Jack said. ‘There has been no change in reporting relationships; it is only Mr. Bridger’s contractual arrangements that have changed.’

The Governor also pointed out that the same team of UK Met officers continues to work with Mr. Bridger in the investigation.

UK Met Assistant Commissioner of Police John Yates also made a visit to Cayman last weekend to check on the progress of the case.

‘This was my fourth face-to-face update and I am pleased with the considerable progress that has been made,’ Mr. Yates said, adding that he will personally maintain oversight of the investigation.

Police officers from the UK Met arrived in Cayman in September 2007 to begin looking into allegations that RCIPS Deputy Commissioner Anthony Ennis and newspaper publisher Desmond Seales were involved in a corrupt relationship and had exchanged confidential information about police activities.

Those allegations were proved to be false, according to Mr. Bridger’s team.

The initial investigation led to what was termed as the temporary removal of three top-ranking RCIPS officers including Commissioner Stuart Kernohan, Deputy Commissioner Rudolph Dixon and Chief Superintendent John Jones. The case relates to official misconduct, but allegations against the three men have not specifically detailed.

None of the three men have been charged with any crimes.

Mr. Dixon and former police officer Burmon Scott were arrested earlier this year in connection with allegations unrelated to the misconduct case. Mr. Dixon has been suspended from the department, but neither he nor Mr. Scott has been charged following their arrest.

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