WB police reach out

Standing in a sparsely populated park in the centre of the West Bay government homes property Tuesday night, Royal Cayman Islands Police Officers sought to make an impression on the community.

Department of Children and Family Services

Two boys look over the summer activities programmes offered by the Department of Children and Family Services during Tuesday nights meeting. Photo: Brent Fuller

‘You’ll notice I have a mic system, so if they’re in their house and they don’t come out, they will hear what I have to say,’ Chief Inspector Angelique Howell said.

Chief Inspector Howell, Inspector Charles Best and other officers from the West Bay police station, as well as members of the Department of Children and Family Services, met with about 30 residents of the government homes to discuss crime issues and to let them know about available summer programmes for kids.

Mrs. Howell said there had been 56 reports of crime since the beginning of this year on the government homes property, including incidents ranging from public nuisance offences to drugs crime.

‘It is happening right amongst your community where you have people that are preying on our children and have them go out and steal things for them,’ she said.

Police said they are also having problems with mini motorbikes, also known as pocket rockets, in the area. She said officers have observed kids using them unsafely, and that there had been several noise complaints from people in the area where the bikes were being used.

Mrs. Howell said parents do bear legal responsibility if their child is caught illegally using a mini bike the parents bought for them.

‘The children normally don’t buy these things for themselves,’ she said.

Social services representatives also used the meeting to run through a list of summer camps which are available in each island district.

Chief Inspector Howell said she intended to keep holding similar community meetings in West Bay for the foreseeable future.

‘People are starting to talk to us a little bit more,’ she said.