Barefoot releases new album

Time Flies – When You’re Havin’ Rum!

After the success of the 2006 album Thong Gone Wrong popular local musician Barefoot has released a new album.

The 16-track album, Time flies – When You’re Havin’ Rum, combines a hearty mix of the musicians signature humorous country and calypso tracks.

The title song, Time Flies, was penned specially for Barefoot by Grammy award winning writer Paul Overstreet. Tracks Small Dinghy, Silent Treatment, and Desperate Horse Wife’s are all bound to become popular hits.

The musician’s back up band Sea n B make a mid- album appearance with their popular Iko-Iko. The track 1974 Fire for You has been pulled out of the dust for a special nostalgic appearance on the new CD. Recorded in Kingston Jamaica, the track was originally released as a 45 rpm vinyl – the hisses and pops are still audible.

Other tracks include Spanish Girl, The Ballad of Bush and Cheney and Life’s too Short

Time flies – When You’re Havin’ Rum! is now available on Island and on the internet at .