Seniors learn hurricane preparedness

Bodden Town senior citizens recently learned how to prepare and protect themselves in the event of a natural disaster.

The group was on a social outing at the Webster Memorial United Church Hall enjoying a day of games and meditation when they were joined by Disaster Preparedness representative Ella Conolly.

Ms Conolly went through important issues regarding preparation and keeping safe in the event of a natural disaster.

She touched on subject matters with seniors such as being informed, having a plan, knowing where to get information, having multiple escape routes, assembling disaster supply kits, medication and contact numbers for family and professional caregivers.

‘Having a hurricane survival plan is absolutely necessary; even if you have physical limitation, you can still protect yourself by having a plan,’ said Ms Conolly.

‘For your safety and comfort, you need to have emergency supplies packed and ready in one place before a disaster hits.

‘We are in the hurricane belt and we need to be prepared and stay aware of conditions at all times,’ Ms Conolly told the group.

She also told seniors to consider such things as where they would go in the event of a hurricane and finding the best escape routes from their homes.

Seniors also learned about a 72-hour disaster kit and flood proof bags they could purchase.

These are to be packed with important documents, food, medical supplies and other essential personal items and kept close in case they had to make a hasty run for cover.

‘Plan and practice the best escape routes from your home. Post emergency numbers nearby for easy access and arrange to have someone check on you,’ she said.

Ms Conolly told seniors to teach those persons who were assisting them hurricane precautions and how to operate necessary equipment such as respirators.

‘If necessary, plan on transportation if you need to evacuate. If you require oxygen, check with your supplier about emergency plans. Remember to take medications with you, along with instructions regarding your care.

You should assemble enough supplies to last for at least three days. Supplies should be stored in an easy to carry container, such as a back pack or duffel bag with an identification tag attached. If they had to go to a shelter Ms Conolly told the seniors to make preparations for which centre they would be going to.