Scott Henderson wins appeal

Local businessman Scott Henderson has won his appeal against convictions for failure to make pension contributions on behalf of employees.

He was convicted in Summary Court in January 2007 of charges relating to employees of Office Pavilion and Cayman Flooring Specialists.

Guilty pleas were previously entered on behalf of the companies.

The disposal of his appeal took place in Grand Court on 8 August after Crown Counsel Nicole Petit confirmed that the Crown did not oppose Mr. Henderson’s appeal of convictions against him personally.

Mr. Henderson’s attorney, Ms Ailsa Williamson, said the matter was being held in open court because it was a final disposal.

A consent order was presented to the judge for approval along with a deed of release so that funds held by another law firm could be released to the Pensions Office and to pay fines.

Justice Harrison told Mr. Henderson he had read the consent order and was approving it. He said the appeal was allowed: there would be no retrial and ‘not guilty’ verdicts were entered.

Efforts by the Caymanian Compass to obtain a copy of the consent order were not successful.