Today’s Editorial for September 4: Power companies deserve our thanks

High praise goes to the men and women on the crews of CUC and Cayman Brac Power and Light for their quick action in getting powered restored to all three islands following the passage of Hurricane Gustav.

Initial reports were that the Sister Islands, especially Little Cayman, would be without power for most of this week.

But the staff of CBP&L decided they weren’t going to let that happen.

Instead many of them put in 20-hour days replacing poles and routing electricity.

CUC even pitched in a hand on the Sisters once Grand Cayman had been fully re-powered.

We are all quick to fuss about our power companies when we receive our monthly bills, but in times of crisis they are always there for us.

CUC’s linemen were out by dawn Saturday morning on Grand Cayman.

Their quick action meant that power was restored to everyone by that afternoon.

Thank you.

Over on Cayman Brac Little Cayman CBP&L General Manager Jonathan Tibbetts joined his linemen to help get those islands re-energised as quickly as possible.

No one knows exactly how much damage was done to either utility in terms of cost.

CUC will be able to write off its asset losses in Gustav, which, over time, means the company will be able to adjust its rates to reflect those losses. That won’t happen any time soon, though.

We on Grand Cayman thankful for that.

CBP&L doesn’t have the luxury of passing on additional expenses. Its licence agreement has it attached to a fixed rate through 2018. Instead the Sister Islands power company will have to dip into a fund set aside for such contingencies.

If you happen to bump into a CUC or CBP&L representative this week, take a moment to stop and thank them for their efforts this past weekend to get our power restored.

As usual they acted selflessly and had the good of the people and the Cayman Islands at heart.

Again, we say, thank you.