KPMG scholarship programme a success

KPMG in the Cayman Islands continues to see success in the number of Caymanian candidates interested in seeking a career in the accounting profession.

This year the firm announced the support of five new local and overseas scholarship applicants.

KPMG scholarships are awarded by the partners of KPMG to young Caymanian students who have shown academic excellence and who wish to study either locally or overseas towards a career in accounting.

The local and overseas scholarships offer a number of benefits, providing practical work experience, opportunities to study abroad and experience different cultures while working to advance their career.

This year’s overseas scholarship recipients are Daphnie Frederick and Tanja Scott, who will be studying through the completion of their Bachelors degree in Accounting in the United States, while Samantha Hennings will begin her studies overseas in 2009.

Local scholarships have been awarded to Dennis Connor, Grace Johnson and Racquel Pryce-Brown who will study at the University College of the Cayman Islands. Last years’ recipient Andrew MacKay will be continuing his studies at University of Notre Dame at the Masters level.

Currently sponsored students David Shibli, Samantha Brown, Chris Glasgow, and Brian Ogilvie will continue with their studies in the United States toward their Bachelors degree in Accounting. Kimberly Dixon, Kishna Green, Danielle Soto and Kenrica Dominguez are continuing their education under the local scholarship programme.

‘We understand the importance of education in developing the skills needed for tomorrow’s generation,’ said KPMG Partner Sheenah Hislop-DaCosta.

‘KPMG works to provide young Caymanians with the tools necessary to succeed in the financial services industry.”

Persons interested in applying for a scholarship may contact KPMG at [email protected]. The scholarship Programme booklet and application form may also be downloaded at or copies may be obtained from the KPMG office in Cricket Square on Elgin Avenue in George Town.

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