Summer activities over

Summer is over and it is time to get back to the books.

john gray camp

Youngsters enjoy a time of craft making at John Gray Memorial Church camp.

During the summer holidays students participated in a number of hands-on activities.

Returning 10-year-old student Annissa Sheow-Clarke says she is excited to go back to school to art and creative writing, which are her favourite subjects. Annissa said it is also good to learn about God and have fun with her classmates.

She is in Ms Tomlin’s Year 6 class. She says she will miss playing her Xbox and Nintendo games.

New primary school students face the challenge of the first days at school. Students have trouble getting to classes because they are not familiar with the environment. It is hoped teachers and staff plan to be in the hallways to make sure things go smoothly and help to keep the energy level up for students as summer ends and school begins.

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