Law limits families

Love is about the hearts, not the parts. If any two people are willing to commit themselves to one another, then we should not stop them.

For years, heterosexuals have accused gays of promiscuity, lacking in moral values, etc. If two people commit, then chances are they will not be promiscuous. If you are claiming defence of marriage or the family, well, just look at the divorce rate. This law would prevent folks the forming families, of loving caring respectful and moral values.

If the heterosexual population would not be so interested on what goes on behind closed doors, (and I am sure they do some things that others would not approve of) and instead focus on the good, positive, and moral qualities of those they are condemning they would see that God loves all His children.

God does not make mistakes, this (homosexuality) is not a choice, and therefore, these folks are as blessed and loved in the eyes of God as anyone else.

John Pavoni

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