September is Recovery Month

This month is National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month and to mark it, former addicts are being invited to tell their stories.

Under the theme, Join the Voices for Recovery: Real People, Real Recovery, former addicts will share their true tales of addiction and recovery with the public.

DCS Director Judith Seymour explained, ‘This year’s theme for Recovery Month recognises the impact that real people and real stories have on recovery, offers hope to those still engaged in addictive behaviours that recovery is possible, and celebrates those who have worked to advance the treatment and recovery landscape.’

She added, ‘By assisting those in need of treatment onto a path of recovery, we not only aid them in regaining their lives, but we also can help their families onto the path of their own recovery from addiction’s impact – and this benefits the entire community.’

Throughout the month, former substance abusers will share their recovery experiences on radio to highlight the fact that recovery from active substance abuse is a realistic goal, one that offers real possibilities for a better life.

Recovery Month aims to raise public awareness about recognising signs of alcohol or drug misuse, as well as describe the recovery process and explain support available for those who decide to seek recovery.

Poster boards spreading the recovery message will be displayed at the department and throughout the community, and churches and community groups are being encouraged to communicate the recovery message during their services and meetings.

The posters are designed to help families, community members, employers, and faith-based organisations become more knowledgeable about substance use, appreciate the effectiveness of treatment and celebrate the process of recovery.

The DCS is also encouraging people to share, in confidence, their ‘Voice of Recovery’ stories with the department, thereby earning a chance to win prizes. Stories can be up to 200 words and should be submitted to the Counselling Centre, 3rd Floor, Flag Ship Building (formerly West Wind), or e-mail to [email protected] or fax to DCS at 949-0767.

Other events will also be held throughout Recovery Month. On Friday 19 September, the DCS will host an open house at the renovated offices of The Counselling Centre, which will provide expanded access and professional assistance for those needing more information about the recovery process.

On Monday 22 September, the DCS encourages the public to celebrate Family Day, to highlight the role of the family in preventing substance abuse. This year’s theme ‘Dinner makes a Difference’ reinforces the message that children who are given the opportunity to spend quality time with their parents are less susceptible to engage in drug use and/or criminal behaviour.

Following closely on the heels of the Recovery Month celebrations, the DCS, along with the Ministry of Health and Human Services, will officially open the Caribbean Haven Women’s Unit, as part of efforts to improve women’s substance abuse treatment in Cayman.

Throughout the month, the DCS will be encouraging communities, media, civic leaders, employers, faith-based organisations and families to address the need for substance abuse treatment and to give support to overcoming barriers that prevent people from seeking help.