Appleby helps students develop skills

The Appleby summer student programme hosted 12 students this summer, nine of whom had worked for the group in previous years.

The programme gives students the opportunity to learn and develop new skills by participating in various departments, including legal, marketing, knowledge management, the mailroom and IT.

Bryan Martins worked in the IT department for two months. He appreciated the opportunity to experience first hand what the job entailed.

Benjie Rivers spent his time in Appleby’s mailroom. His duties included delivering various letters and packages to the addressed employees, weighing and preparing mail before being shipped as well as receiving mail when delivered to Appleby. Upon completing the programme, Benjie assured that, ‘It was a great experience, without a doubt!’

Other students who participated in the programme included Nickola O’Sullivan who spent time in the Compliance Department and Ally McRae, who assisted Huw Moses, managing partner.

Ally was happy she got the chance to use and learn so many new computer programs while she archived various documents. She said ‘Appleby has helped me to mature and become more independent.’

Katie Fleming spent this year moving around various departments assisting lawyers and other co-workers with tasks.

DeAnn Blackman achieved her desire to work in the Marketing department where she assisted with various projects, including writing this press release!

In addition to the summer students, Appleby also welcomed back its sponsored ‘Legal Education Scholarship’ students; including Terry-Ann Arch who joined Appleby for one month to assist Partner Sabrina Leacock in the Corporate and Commercial Department.

Other sponsored students who participated in the programme included Liesl Ritcher who spent five weeks in the Trust Practice group with Associate, Orchid Morrison. Liesl stressed that, ‘It is a great opportunity to gain work experience with a very reputable law firm and at the same time learn more about the legal profession in the Cayman Islands.’

Andrew Jackson also returned to increase his knowledge in the Corporate and Commercial Department as a sponsored scholar. He declared that, as sponsored interns, they were given lectures on a weekly basis about various important topics in key areas of practice, which he found to be very informative.

Adishree Mani assisted Associate Tony Heaver-Wren in the Litigation and Insolvency Practice group. She was please to say that ‘I got to assist in actual legal assignments rather than scanning or filing.’

Tracy Hylton worked in the Knowledge Management. She exclaimed that ‘The highlight of my experience would be seeing theory put into practice – it always puts a smile on my face!’

The interns that took part in the summer programme at Appleby this year agreed that all of the employees are friendly and make you feel as if you’re part of the team.

To participate in the Appleby summer student programme, students must send in an application to the Human Resources Department at [email protected] no later than 31st March of each year. Successful applicants will be contacted directly.

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