Caymanians should demand answers

Please allow me space in your paper to express my support of the position taken by Tim Ridley and Theresa Pitcairn on this Met investigation and the way it is being handled by the current Governor and Government.

Where is the Caymanian outrage? Here we are spending millions of the people’s money and the Governor is treating us like mushrooms; keeping us in the dark and feeding us manure.

I do not support corruption at any level in society or in our civil institutions, but is it necessary to throw out the baby with bath water? The Governor and his Met team are not routing out corruption; they are destroying our institutions, deliberate or otherwise.

Why are they so trigger happy and why do they have to publicly arrest everyone they want to question? What happened to the age-old practice of everyone being innocent until proven guilty? Can Mr. Bridger not question these suspects without a public arrest and a press conference?

It is time for the elected leaders to step up to the plate, ask the hard questions, demand answers and take action.

However, this is not likely to happen as they are all hobnobbing with our colonial masters this week, in private at the Ritz, discussing our future behind closed doors; at our expense of course.

It would have been nice if these talks had been held at Pedro St. James, our birthplace for democracy in the Cayman Islands. Such an historic event as the FCO visiting our shores to talk constitution advancement, sorry I mean modernisation, should not take place in some back room of a hotel.

It is something wrong with a picture that allows our Governor to spend millions of public funds to investigate someone asking a friend who is writing letters to the press, or a policeman using his authority to release someone and not charge him with DUI after he has passed all the tests, while murders go unsolved.

I challenge the PPM and the UDP to collectively challenge the Governor and his Met team to justify their actions and not hide behind their continued claim that public opinion will ruin these persons’ character. In most of these cases there is no character left to ruin, after a public arrest by the Governor and his Met team.

I know this will be difficult given the enormous power of the Governor, because the current constitution gives him much more power than Castro ever had in Cuba or Mr. Kim has in North Korea.

Caymanians, let us stand up like our forefathers would have and run these people out of town before they completely destroy our beautiful country, by tearing down two of our most prestigious institutions the Police Department and the Judicial system.

Does the Governor seriously expect the average Caymanian or the international financial community to have faith in our police and judicial system and those judgments by Justice Henderson before and after his arrest will not be affected or called into question?

Most of us find it hard to believe that these persons are being arrested publicly for the trivial matters that are discussed on the Marl Road.

Certainly there have to be greater crimes being investigated by this high power Met team and the Governor

Oh, by the way Friday’ cartoon was most informative.

Ezzard Miller